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About Winmax Technologies Limited

We hereby introduce our company WINMAX TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED, a company registered in August 2010 to engage in wide range of Telecommunication services providing solutions and consultancy services to Telecoms Company.

We are into the planning and implementation of fibre optics networks, Operation and maintenance of fiber optics networks, Construction of new BTs sites, Design, installation of microwave radios and other small radio for banks connectivity, Design, installation and procurement of bandwidth for VSAT services for voice, internet and broadband solutions, Supply and installation of different types of inverter for power solutions. Supply of different types of fibre optics equipments-splicers, otdr, power meter, laser source, light source, fault locator, fibre cables, pigtails, couplers, patch panels, racks, closures, etc. Long haul blowing of fibre, termination and testing of fibre. Last mile connectivity (FTTH)

WINMAX TECHNOLOGIES is owned and managed by Nigerians with experience acquired over years from the Telecommunication industries. We assist our clients in achieving their projected set objectives, through our professional advice using the most cost effective options.
We look forward to opportunities of working with you and putting our expertise at your service now and in the future.

We Have Come A Long Way

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Fibre Optics Executed Projects

S/N Description From To Sub-Contractor Distance
1 Fiber connectivity Glo Shelter Conoil Marina FCMB Headquarters Marina, Lagos. Yes 800m
2 Fiber connectivity Glo Shelter Conoil Marina Sterling Bank Marina Yes 1000m
3 Fiber connectivity Glo Shelter, Uyo Julius Berger Uyo Yes 4500m
4 Fiber connectivity Glo Shelter Conoil Marina Newswatch Papers Ltd.Lagos Yes 2000m
5 Fiber connectivityFOC Backbone for Globacom Blowing and Splicing Aba Uyo Yes 7.5km
6 MTNN NFEs Fiber connectivity Mowe/ Ibafo Back bone Nearest Splicing point Yes 3.2km
7 FOC Backbone for Globacom Splicing Yola Michika Yes 254km
8 FOC Backbone for Globacom Splicing Ekpoma Umunede Yes 93km
9 MTNN Intershelter fiber and cable tie Ibadan main office switch room Ibadan main office switch pre-fab Yes 100km
10 Globacom intershelter fiber interconnectivity Oregun switch room Oregun MSc 2 Yes 200km
11 FOC Backbone for Globacom Splicing CLB 003 CLB MGW Yes 4.2km
12 FOC Backbone for Globacom Splicing Jos 022 Jos 801 Yes 70.3km
13 Etisalat Nigeria Intershelter fiber and cable tie Shelter A Shelter B Yes 40m

Safety Policy

It is the policy of our company to carry out our activities in such a way that the life of all the employees and other people who may be connected with our operations are safeguarded. Our company makes adequate provision for personal protective equipment (PPE) and insists on the observance of all safety precautions necessary for operational work site. To maintain a high safety standard in all her operations, the company consistently educates her employees on her safety policy through series of enlightenment programmes. There is a reward in form of prices and promotion for excellence in achieving the set safety standards while negative attitude are reprimanded corrected. In order to ensure a high safety standard, the following strategies are adopted.

Health Policy

Winmax Technologies is responsible for the health of her employees and will therefore conduct an active policy to attain this. The objective of this policy is to reduce or limit health hazard as much as possible, or risk that can result in injury, sickness, death property damage or any form of loss. It is necessary that early recognition of health hazard is established, assessed and brought under control. The company retains the service of good clinics to take care of the workers. The company also retains the services of reputable insurance company to provide insurance cover for staffs. The company holds workmen compensation, group life assurance and group personal accident policies to cater adequately for employees.

Every employee of Winmax Technologies Ltd is expected to live and operate in a healthy and conducive environment both at home and at work must comply with the statutory requirement of Federal Government Protection Agency (FEPA).

Security Policy

Winmax Technologies is responsible for the security of her employees and other assets within the company premises including client’s property in our care. The company shall continue to provide appropriate mechanism for the security of lives and property. It is the duty of employees to protect property in their possession. No company property including records and sensitive information shall be given to third parties without prior written authorization from management.

Our Big Idea

At Winmax Techonolgies Limited, we help our clients realize their Telecommunication objectives using the most cost effective options. To also provide high quality services that combine performance with value pricing, while establishing a successful relationship with our customers.

Winmax Technologies Limited - 29, Idowu Lafiaji Street Ikorodu, Lagos State, Nigeria

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